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How To Earn Money Online If You Are Unemployed


How To Earn Money Online If You Are Unemployed benaroya-hall-jobs-in-music

So… you want to be in the music business? There are a lot of you out there. I know this because I own a music PR firm and every time we put out a call for interns or jobs, we get somewhere between 100 – 250 resumes. Once upon a time, I was just like you- dying to follow my passion and aggressively trying to land a job in the industry of my dreams. It was a humbling and, at times, humiliating exercise so this dear young aspiring music business mogul is for you. Interns are much needed in every facet of the industry, and most of my music industry friends (myself included) started out as unpaid interns back in their day and we leveraged our unpaid internships into paying jobs.

Luckily, the only requirement for being a club promoter is to get people to show up to clubs. If you talk to the manager of the club and get to know him, you can get all sorts of benefits which make you the "guy to know" for all those hot club chicks.

Weekend music jobs – Pet exerciser: Many people work long hours during the week and don't have time to exercise their pets. On the weekends, they are usually too busy shopping or doing housework to look after the little critters. If you love animals, you can album trends advertise and start exercising people's pets. Spreading the word around local pet stores, hair salons and sports arena should get you enough work to make up what you need or want to make. People ar willing to pay handsomely to make sure Rover gets exercised by someone who loves animals. Again, age is not an issue here.

You need to know that this difficult choice is just one possible goal for your music life. These days, your options for a successful, satisfying career in music are almost unlimited.

While Steve Jobs was personally passionate about his work with Apple, he knew that his products-and company was much bigger than he was. And he set the company up to survive and thrive beyond him. It's like coach Lombardi from the Packers. Lombardi was symbolic for the Packers, he knew that the Packers were made up of a great team, and inspired a town. Lombardi, as did Jobs, contributed to changing and advancing the game.

From the bass playing perspective what is required as a player? A good all round player who is ready for the gig, a good knowledge of the bass guitar and its role. Practice and learn new ideas and techniques, be ready for new songs and material. Play what is required for the song, you may be asked when recording what to play; if you are doing session work you get paid to play what is asked! If you're doing live work playing covers play what is required for the songs you play! If you get a gig writing, that's great and you can be creative with your bass playing!

With a lot of talent, some luck, and great connections, your career as a musician could go very far. Keep trying and don't expect success overnight. With a lot of diligence and determination, you may be the next hot item in the industry.

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