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You see the dancers on TV dancing behind Britney or Justin Timberlake. You're inspired to take up dancing so that you can become just like your idols. And you new release find that pretty soon, you wouldn't mind being up there yourself dancing with your very idols.

This can be a difficult task depending on the medium in which the New Song Music passed through your ear cavity. If it was the radio (airwaves, Internet or otherwise), in a passing car, restaurant, lounge, Gym, etc…Etc. There are so many ways you can luck up on good new music, or simply new music to you. Honestly if you have not heard it before it is new to you. Just like a new used car is new to you, you love it just the same.

Consider working for a concert promoter or other musically-related agent. This is one of the best ways to see inside the music industry and learn the ropes. This is also where you may meet more connections that you would have otherwise. Spend a summer working as an intern, or consider working at one of these jobs full-time. The closer you are to the industry, the better chances of being successful.

The Internet is a great thing these days and great for networking with other musicians. There are musician forums where you can post your details or look for bass player auditions, musician websites and search engines searching for professional musicians and music jobs.

As you study your Bible you will learn about several examples where music is important. Here is one example. David was skilled musician. One of his early jobs was to play music for King Saul. When ever he play for the king, the king was either soothed or agitated by the sounds he heard. That is the power of music to reveal emotion and produce an emotional reaction. The emotions were reveals purely on Saul's attitude at the time.

Weekend Jobs – Stage hand for a band or theatre group: Many such places pay a flat fee per engagement whether it's a few hours or the whole weekend. This might not appeal to a 40 year old teacher who hates rock music, but not all music is rock. Some symphonies use part time help on weekends when their regulars are off. Theatre groups sometimes employ helpers on the same pay schedule. If you are a kid and you manage to be a road helper for a rock band, well, more power to you!

These titles are usually on very tight time schedules and the faster they can fix these glitches the faster they can sell them to the public. The bottom line is that these companies are investing a lot of money into their games. They definitely can't afford to release a game with ANY glitches in it. Your time is extremely valuable to the gaming industry in order to fix this before the game is released.

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